Jacqueline Harvey


Jacqueline Harvey is a professional writer as well as a published author. She also considers herself as a Christian Artists, tailoring a substantial amount of her gift with writings under Biblical themes. One that is proving to be quite popular is her book entitled, “The Disciple – The Story of One Boy’s Triumph Over Bullying”. It is receiving great reviews from those who have read it. Jacqueline also has an array of plays and movie scripts including such titles as, “Song of Songs”, “Mama, Who’s My Daddy”, Stop Cryin’ the Big Girl Blues”, “Nikki West, A Virtuous Woman”, “Double Life” and “Everything Happens for a Reason”. The short film she created, wrote, and starred in titled “The Promise Land”, aired on Black Entertainment Television (BET) and also on NET TV during the Faith Film Festival. She has also appeared on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) program, Joy in Our Town. Aside from all of her writing talent, she has appeared in several stage productions as lead and supporting roles. This includes two of Harvest Productions NYC hit plays, “The First Lady’s Last Supper” and “Wisdom of a Worn Woman”. She also has done a substantial amount of background work on TV shows and films such as Spider-Man 2, Enchanted, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU and Bamboozled to name a few. Jacqueline is continuing to create, write, perform and grow. She has profound faith in God and believes that He has phenomenal opportunities for her, allotting her to also work with remarkable people.