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Holly Reed is a successful attorney and is partnered with two friends. Their law firm is called Reed, Benjamin and Mann. Holly had recently ended a long-time relationship when she met Philip, who was a new friend of Vanessa Benjamin’s husband, Courtney. Philip was a wealthy restauranteur, with Denzel Washington looks and charm. Holly would indulge in a whirlwind affair with him. However, she wasn’t the only one caught in Philip’s ‘twister.” Although that’s a bit surprising, it doesn’t compare to the shock of Vanessa becoming pregnant, yet, her husband is sterile. Needless to say, apparently Vanessa and Holly were sharing more than a law firm. Now as astounding as that may appear, this story takes another turn that’s so compelling you will be left speechless!

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"The Disciple...." is for Kids and Adults!

Devin is encouraged by a God-given dream to understand and confront Ray Epps, his tormentor, who is surprised by how Devin responds to his bullying. Devin knows he has to face his challenges, but with the help of God and his parents, he not only discovers how to confront the bully, but gains insight into some of the motives behind bullying. Everyone can relate to bullying on some level because it is a universal subject. This revealing children’s story brings a new vantage to the topic by looking at it from God’s perspective.

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