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The Stories


                               Nikki West, A Virtuous Woman


Nikki West seemed to have it all. She was married to Ki, and the Founder of the successful West Modeling Agency in New York City. Her life seemed close to perfect, however, when she finds out that her husband is having an affair with Melissa Alvarez, she does not demonstrate ‘modeled behavior’. Melissa is a top executive, and as equally a successful business woman as Nikki. She is a headhunter for Sitting on Top of the World. This story will take you on a mind-spinning, roller coaster ride that you don’t want to exit!

                   *This is an adaptation for a movie and play.


                                                      Double Life

Hannah knew she had met her designated soulmate in Harrison. At the time this designer dressing fine man strolled into her life, she was a devoted Christian. He had to prove himself worthy and his perpetration of being a Christ follower was very convincing; therefore, Hannah never questioned marrying him. However, as time progressed, this Wolf in Sheep clothing became a werewolf and howled. He may have been charming during the day, but by night he had  an unlimited list of  women, consuming a heavy amount of drugs along with hardcore liquor. He was truly living a... "Double Life". 

                   *This is an adaptation for a movie and play. 


                                    Stop Cryin' the Big Girl Blues


The pressure of life made Lydia want to exit it all so she down a bottle of sleeping pills. She asked God for mercy, as she laid there waiting to see that ‘light’. However, through her disoriented state, she heard three voices requesting her downstairs. Two were from her trifling, gossipy friends, but the other was from God. Although she was reluctant to go, she did. Once there, she found Monique and Bernadette in their usual spot. Everyday, at 5:30 pm, they sit outside their building just to observe this handsome man that always strolled by. Although they drooled over him, he was oblivious to their presence. However, on this day, the gent noticed Lydia. From not feeling fulfilled… to becoming a full-figured model, Lydia’s life would never be the same after meeting this man, who is the owner of  of a modeling empire!  

                   *This is an adaptation for a movie and play.   


                                           Mama, Who's My Daddy

On the same day that Dominique brings a new male into her world, an old one leaves. While enjoying a delicious dish with her best friend and mom, Dominique felt the sharp pain, signaling that the beautiful being inside of her was ready to emerge. She summoned her mother to contact her husband John, however, he was nowhere to found. Later, John’s best friend, Timothy, arrives at the hospital with a “Dear John Letter” addressed to Dominique. John claimed that his recent lack of Christianity was an excuse to exit the marriage. Dominique’s heart was shattered into a million microscopic pieces, however, she healed and moved on. I now digress to five years later in a Kindergarten class. A young boy observes how his classmate has both a mother and father, however, he only has a mom. So, just as any curious kid, he simply poses this question … “Mama, Who’s My Daddy”? 

            *This is an adaptation for a movie and play. 


                            Everything Happens for a Reason


Holly Reed is a successful attorney and is partnered with two friends. Their law firm is called Reed, Benjamin and Mann. Holly had recently ended a three-year long relationship when she met Philip, who was a new friend of Vanessa Benjamin’s husband, Courtney. Philip was a wealthy restauranteur, with Denzel Washington’s looks and charm. Holly would indulge in a whirlwind affair with him, however, she wasn’t the only one caught in Philip’s ‘twister’. And although that’s a bit surprising, it doesn’t compare to the shock of Vanessa becoming pregnant, yet, her husband is sterile. Needless to say, but apparently Vanessa and Holly was sharing more than a law firm. Now, as astounding as that may appear, this story takes another turn that’s so compelling, you will be left speechless!  

                         * This is an novel, soon to be published


                                                    Song of Songs


This story tells the splendor of love as it goes from faith to faith as well as glory to glory. It shares the different levels, as it relates to the relationship between Christ and the Church. Song of Songs also explores the relationship between a husband and wife, as it elevates. This story will carry you through the journey of how some are desperately in search of God, Who is love!    1 John 4:8   

                     *This is an adaptation for a movie and play.